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Shop our electric guitar effect pedals for sale and elevate your sound

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Electric Guitar Effect Pedals: Enhancing Your Sound

Electric guitar effect pedals are a crucial component of any guitarist's setup. These devices manipulate the signal from your guitar to create unique sounds and tones that can't be achieved with just your amplifier. In this article, we'll explore the different types of electric guitar effect pedals, factors to consider when buying them, the top pedals for sale, the best brands, and how to set them up and maintain them.

Types of Electric Guitar Effect Pedals

There are many types of electric guitar effect pedals, but the most common ones are distortion pedals, delay pedals, reverb pedals, chorus pedals, and wah-wah pedals.

  • Distortion pedals are used to create a distorted or overdriven sound. They add grit and sustain to your tone, making it ideal for hard rock and metal genres.
  • Delay pedals produce an echo effect that can be adjusted to your desired length and intensity. They're frequently used in solos and lead guitar parts, adding depth and complexity to your sound.
  • Reverb pedals simulate the sound of a room or hall. They're used to create a sense of space and depth, making them popular for ambient and atmospheric styles.
  • Chorus pedals add a shimmering effect to your tone, making it sound like multiple guitars are playing at once. They're great for adding texture to clean guitar parts.
  • Wah-wah pedals create a unique "wah" sound that's achieved by sweeping a frequency range with a foot pedal. They're typically used in funk and rock genres.

Factors to Consider When Buying Electric Guitar Effect Pedals

When buying electric guitar effect pedals, there are several factors to consider:

  • Purpose of use: Determine what type of effect you need for your playing style and what sounds you want to achieve.
  • Budget: Effect pedals can range from affordable to expensive, so establish a budget.
  • Pedalboard space: Consider the space available on your pedalboard, as some pedals are larger than others.

Top Electric Guitar Effect Pedals for Sale

Here are some of the top electric guitar effect pedals for sale:

  • MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay: This pedal has a warm, vintage analog sound that's perfect for classic rock and blues genres.
  • BOSS DS-1 Distortion: This pedal is a classic distortion unit that's versatile and affordable, making it a popular choice for many guitarists.
  • Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay and Looper: This pedal has a wide range of delay options, as well as a built-in looper, making it ideal for experimental and creative players.
  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb: This pedal has a lush, high-quality reverb sound that's perfect for adding space to your tone.
  • Dunlop Original Cry Baby Wah Wah: This pedal is a classic wah-wah unit that's been used by countless guitarists throughout history. It's a must-have for any funk or rock player.

Best Brands for Electric Guitar Effect Pedals

There are many brands that make high-quality electric guitar effect pedals, but some of the best ones include:

  • BOSS
  • MXR
  • Electro-Harmonix
  • TC Electronic
  • Dunlop

Used vs. New Pedals

Buying used pedals is a great way to save money, but there are some advantages and disadvantages to consider:

  • Advantages: Used pedals are often cheaper than new ones, and some vintage pedals have unique sounds that can't be replicated.
  • Disadvantages: Used pedals may have cosmetic damage or functional issues, and they may not come with a warranty.

If you're considering buying used pedals, here are some tips:

  • Buy from a reputable seller: Make sure the seller has positive feedback and a good reputation.
  • Test the pedal: If possible, try the pedal before you buy it to ensure that it works properly.
  • Research the pedal: Look up reviews and demos of the pedal to ensure that it's what you're looking for.

How to Set Up Electric Guitar Effect Pedals

When setting up electric guitar effect pedals, there are several things to consider:

  • Signal chain: Determine the order in which you want to chain your pedals.
  • Power supply: Make sure that you have a power supply that can handle all of your pedals.
  • Pedalboard layout: Consider the layout of your pedals to ensure that they're easily accessible and organized.

Maintenance Tips for Electric Guitar Effect Pedals

To ensure that your electric guitar effect pedals last a long time, here are some maintenance tips:

  • Cleaning: Use a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean your pedals, and avoid using any harsh chemicals.
  • Battery replacement: If your pedal uses batteries, make sure to replace them regularly to avoid any damage from battery leakage.
  • Troubleshooting common issues: If your pedal isn't working properly, consult the manual or look up common issues online to troubleshoot the problem.


Electric guitar effect pedals are essential tools for any guitarist looking to enhance their sound. By considering the types of pedals available, the factors to consider when buying them, and the top pedals and brands, you can find the right pedals to achieve the sounds you're looking for. Setting up and maintaining your pedals properly will ensure that they last a long time and continue to provide great sounds for years to come.


Here are some helpful resources for buying and using electric guitar effect pedals:

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